The Big Bang of Rock

“Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state”, then nearly seventy years ago expansion of rock started… wait. I know you have always been curious about when, how and why it all started. We all know the Rock genre that we hear nowadays, set its grounds as Rock and Roll back in the 1940s […]

The Cure

Rock Bands of The Eighties

Rock music has been steadily evolving since its inception in the 1950s and continues to be a popular part of mainstream music. During the 80s, bands were more easily identified under specific sub groups of the rock genre and the decade, long thought one of the most memorable on the music scene, gave rise to […]

How Rock n Roll Influenced Fashion

How Rock n Roll Influenced Fashion

The Early Years The term Rock n Roll really had its start in the 50s when music took on a more urban, eclectic feel and the genre was born out of this fusion of ideas and sounds. Along with the evolution of the music came the inevitable desire to identify oneself with this exciting new […]

Rock Bands

How Rock Music Has Evolved Over the Years

There is some debate as to the exact beginning of this iconic genre of music and therefore any consideration will be open to opposing opinions. It is also worth noting that essentially the term Rock and Roll appeared first and then developed into the all-encompassing term Rock music. It is generally safe to say that […]

Essential Instruments of a Rock Band

Essential Instruments of a Rock Band

To understand what instruments are essential to the formation of a rock band, it helps to have an appreciation of what rock music really is and the sound it delivers. Rock music is now a fairly diverse term that covers a broad spectrum of musical sounds but initially the movement emerged back in the 50s, […]