Queen Are King

Queen Are King

You have to go all the way back to 1968 to discover the beginnings of what would become arguably the greatest rock band of all time, Queen. Brian May was a student at London’s Imperial College and together with Tim Staffell, decided to form a band. Roger Taylor answered a message on the college notice […]

Green Day

Discover Green Day

If we asked you if you had heard of a punk rock band called Sweet Children, you would be forgiven for saying no. However, if we told you Sweet Children was the former name of the global superstars that are now Green Day, there is no doubt in our minds that you would know who […]

Metallica and Lady Gaga

The Legendary Metallica

It is hard to believe that Metallica has been producing hit record after hit record for the best part of 38 years, yet that is exactly what they are doing. Formed in Los Angeles in late 1981, Metallica have gone on to become one of the best-selling rock bands of all-time. Lars Ulrich placed an […]

Green Day’s

Biggest rock hits of the 2000s

There were some fantastic mainstream rock songs released during 2000-2009 and some rock aficionados consider this decade a golden one for the genre. In the United States of America, one major measure of success if the Billboard rankings. Billboard’s mainstream rock station collaborated listener data and produced a list of the most successful hits of […]


Irish legends U2

Formed in Dublin on 1976, U2 are now one of the biggest rock bands in the world and have sold tens of millions of records. U2 consists of Bono as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player, the Edge on lead guitar, keyboards and backing voals, Adam Clayton on bass guitar and Larry Mullen Jr. […]

Why Listen To Rock Music

Why Listen To Rock Music

Rock music is usually described as being hard, edgy music made using electric guitars, drums, and bass. Rock traces back to the 1940’s when the popular genres were country and jazz, whose sound completely changed by incorporating the electric guitar and a loud drum beat. By the 1970’s, rock music became the most preferred type […]


Greatest Rock Songs of the 1990’s

If you thought the 1980s was a great decade for rock music, then you must have fallen head over heels in love with some of the songs that were released during the 1990s because it is arguably the best decade ever for the genre. Dozens of bands rose to prominence during the 1990s and some […]


Biggest Rock Hits of the 1980’s

The 1980s were awash with massive rock bands who changed the face of music with their ground-breaking sounds. One test you can give to music is to play it several years, sometimes a couple of decades later, and see if it is still relevant or if you can’t help bobbing your head, tapping your foot […]


Biggest Solo Rock Stars

When you think of rock music, your mind’s eye usually conjures up an image of a four or five-piece band, rocking out at a huge stadium somewhere around the world. While this is the case for many of rock music’s biggest stars, some of the best known rock musicians are solo artist, plying their trade […]