Bartender, I’ll Have the 80s on the Rocks!

Rock music has evolved progressively since it appeared back in the 50s which has enabled it to continue being a popular mainstream music genre.

In the 80s rock bands were dividing and identifying themselves under specific rock subgenres, during this decade we can find not only one of the most memorable music scenes of all times but also some of the most iconic rock bands. New talent was emerging all over the world, and bands like The Rolling Stones and The Who which been out for years, grew their fan base a lot more.

Rock band
Rock band

the sub-genres we can find in this decade are: Arena Rock – a blend of progressive rock and radio-friendly pop/rock – , College Rock, Hair Metal – mixed heavy metal and hard rock alongside Aqua-netted hairdos, bringing it down to successful pop music- , Heartland Rock, Jangle Pop, New Wave and Post Punk. But there are two big music scenes in the world that we would like to discuss further, Great Britain and America.

In Great Britain

The British music scene has represented a force to be reckoned with ever since the Beatles and the energetic music produced in the 60s, which led to 70s and 80s with David Bowie and a bunch other talent in the rock genre. Flamboyant glam rock surfaced alongside hard rock, enabling bands and ensembles such as Queen to emerge with cultured lyrics and music, with songs like the Bohemian Rhapsody, presenting a completely different take on the rock scenario. On the other side, the band Genesis, known for their artsy and sophisticated approach, having Phil Collins on lead vocals and no longer counting with the presence of Peter Gabriel, continued to thrive. U2 were being universally accepted and reaching new heights in the rock scene, and to this days it’s considered one of the most influential bands touring, they are still able to sell out tour tickets worldwide.

In the past, bands like simple minds were advertised as the next U2, but they were not able to reach that level of success, but they are there, in the history of music as one of those who wrote memorable songs and dance classics. The Smiths, The Cure, and Ultravox are other notable British 80s bands, reflecting a more melodic side of the rock scene.

In the United States of America

We can’t deny British music scene as being one of the most influential world wide phenomena, it is important to note that the US was nurturing its own talent as well, and this side of the rock music was acknowledged thanks to MTV. With bands like Guns N’ Roses and Bon Jovi taking the 80s in the US and on a global scale as well. We can also find other bands like R.E.M, which was equally successful and recognized for producing great music in the mid-80s and through the 90s and beyond, being entertaining and provocative, which makes the genre one of the most loved and interested throughout the years. The rock scene was enriched and developed by these great artists.