Boxed Sets and Other Ways That Rockstars Use to Sell Nowadays

A true fan exclaims “Shut up and take my money!” when his favorite band announces the sale of some box set full of collectibles. Releasing records in the 21 century is no longer the business that used to be.

How Bands Are Dealing with The Streaming Fenomenon?

Streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer simplified the life of the music enthusiasts and now everyone can access an infinite number of songs, only by paying a small sum per month.

And although is true, streaming opens the possibility for Melomaniacs to listen to an endless number of bands and soloists with a simple click, at a ludicrous cost (compared to the investment of buying actual records) is becoming at a big disadvantage to artists, regardless of their career.

In this era of digital music, the musicians don’t get to make their profits tangible, and at last, they only receive a small percentage for reproductions. That’s all. While in the past, the only source of income for professional artists – aside from going on tours- was the sale of records, the technology has forced them to develop new ways to catch the attention of the fans through another type of experiences.

Artist, or rather their marketing teams, came up with a solution: Reeditions of their work, boxed sets, packages of records with memorabilia, DVDs with unpublished videos and other interesting ways to draw the attention of the fans are some of the new ways of sale to which the artists have to resort in this era of virtual hegemony. Let’s see two examples:

Metallica: “… And Justice for All” (Remastered)

This reissued material was remastered by Greg Fidelman and the box contains a double album on vinyl of 180 grams, the standard CD, a Triple CD Expanded Edition, a cassette edition, and some streaming/downloadable material.

This box set on its different versions includes a lot of stuff to raise the heartbeat of true fanatics, from unpublished demos, unprocessed mixes, unknown live recordings and a book with photos taken by Ross Halfin. In total there are eleven CDs and four DVDs. In addition to other merch like patches, an illustration of Pushead, lyrics that were written by the band, a ticket to download all the material and a 120-page book with photographs that have never been displayed before.

Gene Simmons (KISS): “The Vault Experience”

It’s probably the most jaw-dropping and legendary boxed set (besides expensive) ever sold in Rock history. Why? Well in the over the top spirit of KISS, its special edition box includes, nothing more and nothing less, than 10 CDs with unknown material that includes they first songs, demos, material that didn’t make it to the albums and other oddities.

It also includes a Gene Simmons action figure, a limited-edition medal commemorating the 50-year anniversary of the musical career of the so-called “God of Thunder,” and a juicy selection of random items, personally selected by him.

This random selection, in some cases, has included treasures like very old memorabilia from KISS, very old show tickets, backstage passes, even one time, a lucky fan received a Rolex watch from Simmons’ personal collection. And is that for the astonishing price of USD $ 5000 to 50000, anything could come off that box!