How Rock Music Has Evolved Over the Years

There is some debate as to the exact beginning of this iconic genre of music and therefore any consideration will be open to opposing opinions. It is also worth noting that essentially the term Rock and Roll appeared first and then developed into the all-encompassing term Rock music. It is generally safe to say that the early days of the emerging sound date back to around the late 40s and early 50s which began to see a fusion of an eclectic mix of styles from gospel to jazz and rhythm and blues. Without a doubt, strong elements of country and blues can sometimes be heard dating back to an even earlier era, but essentially the genre became fully identified and branded with its name in 1954.

Rock Music
Rock Music

Where Did It All Begin

This increasingly popular style of music first took hold in the United States, more especially in the South, where the influence of Gospel, Blues and Jazz from the predominantly African American communities was taking roots. Increasingly, the communities were becoming more conscious of the ethnic diversity and cultural differences that were particularly evident in their styles of music. Urban growth facilitated this exposure and before long the music coming from the white musicians showed signs of black heritage, and a perfect blend developed.

How Things Evolved

Initially music of this era relied heavily on the traditional elements and instruments of the age, such as piano and brass ones. The advent of the electric guitar along with other new technology saw a serious change in the movement and the late 50s and early 60s witnessed significant advancements. In this post war era it was also less viable to support the huge expense and demands of the big bands and the waning of that bygone era saw the emergence of a new energy. The advancement of major technology at that time also had a tremendous effect on the industry and the fortunes of many budding artists. The advent of the microphone and amplifier coupled with the ability to record and produce records opened up a whole new facet of the entertainment world. The music that had its roots in the back waters of America was now gaining exposure and popularity amongst the white youth and those with the disposable income to advance record sales. The inclusion of much of the early rock and roll in movies of the day also fed the appetite of an increasingly restless generation.

In no time at all the development of the quintessential rock sound had emerged and the explosion and growth of bands on both sides of the Atlantic continued. The late 60s and early 70s would become synonymous with the sound that has become essentially driven by the electric guitar and strong drum rhythms that fueled the early rock and roll dance craze. The continued development of the technology has led to the rise of the mega rock bands that have now become an integral part of the music scene.