Is Peter Jackson Rewriting The History Of The Beatles?

In 1962 the Beatles started a revolution, and the next wave could follow in 2021. The culmination of a series is responsible for this. That had already begun in 2017. It was the anniversary of the release of her album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The two ex-members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, who are still alive, took this opportunity to celebrate this anniversary with extensive publications. The fans could look forward to numerous rarities and special editions, as well as a new, remaster of the record.

Is Peter Jackson Rewriting The History Of The Beatles

The success was so great that the band repeated this every year from now on. The White Album also got a remaster, as was Abbey Road. In 1970 the Beatles’ career ended with the release of their last album, Let It Be. Simultaneously, the matching film was released more than 50 years ago, which forever documented the band’s formation and end. The gloomy and dark film portrayed a completely divided band at the end of their career.

How Could It Possibly Come This Far?

After the nerve-racking recordings for the White Album, the new bandleader Paul McCartney wanted the Beatles to return to their roots. The band decided to leave the usual Abbey Road recording location and went to work. The new album was to be recorded live in several sessions. At the same time, a film crew was always there to document what was happening. But the sessions did not have a good start; the arguments increased. In the end, the band gave up in exasperation and let the tapes disappear into the archive. They weren’t supposed to hit the market until the band releases Abbey Road. Even this was highly controversial. The four members of The Beatles decide in a 3: 1 vote against Paul McCartney to throw the album as the last Beatles album on the market.


For the anniversary, the Beatles commissioned the Lord of the Rings trilogy director Peter Jackson to re-create and restore the film Let It Be. A few weeks ago, he presented the result of his efforts in a five-minute teaser. The work made fans all over the world sit up and take notice. Let It Be presents itself in its anniversary version as a completely different film. The trailer impressed with its superb cinematic quality and showed a consistently happy and motivated band.

In complete contrast to the official historiography, the Fab Four present themselves as a tight-knit community that went to work in the presence of true friends. That makes the anticipation for the theatrical release continue to grow. After all, the band had to postpone it in the previous year due to the events. Now it should be so far on August 26th, 2021. One can safely assume that the Beatles also will release an anniversary edition of the album of the same name. Finally, Let It Be joins the line of legendary records by the band that once revolutionized pop music.